Fleet management systems provide value to businesses in the transportation industry by significantly minimizing costs, reducing risks and improving productivity https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fleet_management. In today's world of technology, having a telematics system is a necessity when it comes to fleet management. Having the ability to monitor trucks and trailers in real-time and extract data from fuel to maintenance reporting has become an industry standard. The economics Theory of the Firm, states that the goal of every business is to constantly minimize and maximize wherever possible. But what happens when a truck, valued at $85K and trailer load worth $200K is stolen overnight. As a business owner, the experience becomes a loss of an operating truck, loss of deliverables to a client, missed travel time for next loads, police involvement, and insurance involvement. At the end of the day, your contribution has been to the multi-billion dollar vehicular theft industry http://www.automotive-fleet.com/article/story/2012/03/protecting-a-fleet-from-criminals.aspx . Once stolen, the vehicle may be resold as a whole or stripped down for parts http://fleetowner.com/fleet-management/cargo-and-commercial-vehicle-theft-activity-increasing.

Cellutrak Canada offers a system with dual capabilities of anti-theft and telematics. CONTROL by Cellutrak allows you to maximize productivity with GPS tracking and telematics systems, and adds 6 layers of anti-theft.  Being an industry leader in theft prevention, Cellutrak has the ability to conceal units and setup the necessary features for each vehicle. Check out our solutions for fleet management and anti-theft for all your truck and trailer needs: http://www.cellutrak.ca/en/business/control