Cellutrak Instrumental in Finding Stolen Kubota M62 Tractor

Equipment was stolen from a Houston cemetery after the gate was left open for city works

HOUSTON, TEXAS, MARCH, 2022 — Recovery of a stolen $80,000 Kubota as well as a heavy duty car hauler trailer using Cellutrak’s GPS system.

The theft occurred in Houston after a gate to the cemetery was left open because the city needed access to the cemetery while doing work. This gave the thieves access to the backhoe. Workers returning the following morning noticed the backhoe was gone and reported its theft to company management. A company manager then notified the Kubota rental company that supplied the tractor to the cemetery. The Kubota rental manager who works with the Cellutrak system day in and day out, looked up the backhoe’s location using Cellutrak’s GPS tracking device that had been previously installed. The rental manager then went to the provided location while working with Cellutrak’s customer service department to help identify the Kubota machine, which was in a residential area. Cellutrak’s 24/7 team and the Houston Kubota dealer worked together to make this a speedy recovery. The dealer called the Houston police to help retrieve the backhoe and make an arrest. Upon further investigation, a heavy duty trailer that was recently stolen was also recovered.

This recovery was supported with the use of the Cellutrak system, used to monitor vehicles and equipment. “the tracking device did exactly what it was supposed to do. Accuracy was spot on, exactly where it said it was,” stated the Kubota rental manager involved in the equipment’s recovery.

Cellutrak uses military-grade GPS tracking devices powered by Ituran, a system developed for pilot search and rescue missions in the Israeli military. The company has adapted the system for use in tracking fleet and construction equipment in various industries. Cellutrak can also setup a GPS fence around properties to alert personnel whenever someone moves a piece of equipment from the yard, day or night. To learn more about Cellutrak GPS systems and their relationship with Kubota, please visit

Cellutrak and Kubota Partnership Leads the Way

Kubota and Cellutrak have partnered together to offer unique products and services yet to be seen in the market. This strategic alliance has distinguished Kubota and Cellutrak as leaders within the industry for both telematics and anti-theft. Exclusive to this partnership, Cellutrak offers a personalized concierge service to all Kubota dealerships and Kubota customers. Since the partnership began in 2014, Cellutrak has recovered numerous Kubota and Non-Kubota machines, representing in excess of $3,820,000 in Canada and the United States.

For the full Press Release, follow the link here.


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