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All In One GPS Tracking Solution

All-in-One GPS Tracking Systems

Cellutrak gives you the tools to track, recover and manage your assets with a full line of GPS solutions for all vehicles.

Key GPS Tracking Features

Automatic Alerts
Receive proactive alerts on vehicle movements including ignition alerts, geozone exit alerts, towing alerts, low battery alerts, and more.

Remote Engine Disable
In the event of a theft, lock down your vehicle by disabling the engine. This feature can be used from a smartphone or from a computer.

Advanced Reporting
Capture key data from vehicles, including activity milestones, mileage, and movement, and easily transform it into detailed reports.

GPS Tracking
Track your fleet at all times with real time information available on the web based software or free mobile application.

Solutions for All Interests

Cellutrak offers solutions curated for consumer, business and Kubota clients.


Consumer Solutions

Track and protect any type of
vehicle with Cellutrak.

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Business Solutions

Management on the go for any
business with a fleet of vehicles.

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Kubota Solutions

GPS tracking solutions designed for
Kubota dealers and customers.

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Asset Management

Cellutrak offers GPS tracking solutions that specialize in theft prevention and fleet management.

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Our online solution finder narrows down the solution that’s right for you.