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A GPS Tracking Solution that Fits Your Needs

Loss of a vehicle means loss of business. From vehicle movements to remotely disabling the vehicle’s engine, Cellutrak keeps you connected to your vehicle in real-time.

Core Features

Our GPS tracking solutions offer advanced functionality.

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Real-Time GPS Tracking

Track your fleet at all times with real time information available on the web based software or mobile application.

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Remote Engine Disable

In the event of a theft, lock down your vehicle by disabling the engine. This feature can be used from a smartphone or from a computer.

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Automatic Alerts

Receive proactive alerts on vehicle movements such as arrival and departures from designated zones, towing alerts, low battery alerts, and more. Keep your fleet on track and on schedule.

24/7 Real-Time Support

Our experts are available 24/7 to assist you and the authorities in the event of a theft. Our staff is trained to provide authorities with detailed information to help them obtain the necessary warrants to recover stolen vehicles.


Can a GPS tracker be used on a car as a theft deterrent?

Yes, a GPS tracker can be used as a theft deterrent on a car. If your car is equipped with a tracker, the solution offers remote engine disable -preventing the vehicle from starting and can help law enforcement officials recuperate your vehicle. Additionally, some insurance companies offer discounts to customers who have GPS tracking devices installed in their cars.

What vehicles can the anti-theft tracker be used on?

The anti-theft tracker can be used on cars, trucks, trailers, heavy machinery, tractors, generators, and recreational vehicles. The issue of theft is ongoing and installing an anti-theft tracker is a great way to protect your belongings. The tracking device can be easily installed on any vehicle and sends alerts to your phone. So whether you’re at work or on vacation, you can rest assured that your assets are safe.

Can I remotely disable my vehicle with my cellphone?

Yes, you can enable and disable your car with your cellphone as part of Cellutrak’s theft prevention features.

Does Cellutrak coordinate with the police in case of emergency and insurance-related issues?

Cellutrak’s theft prevention and asset recovery solutions not only help businesses protect their assets and keep track of their inventory but also can help business owners recover lost or stolen property. Cellutrak’s customer service team has more than 10 years of experience working with local authorities across North America. Cellutrak’s team is trained to act in the event of an emergency and provide police authorities with the necessary data to obtain police warrants. In case of emergency, Cellutrak’s customer service coordinates with the police and insurance-related incidents in order to help business owners recover lost or stolen property.

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