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Your GPS Tracking System for Kubota Tractors & Equipment

Since 2014, Cellutrak and Kubota have partnered together to offer Kubota dealers and Kubota customers a unique all-in-one GPS tracking solution across North America. Cellutrak has recovered millions of dollars worth of Kubota and Non-Kubota machines since its partnership.

Unique Advantages

A specially-adapted all-in-one GPS tracking solution across North America.

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Inventory Management

Control your fleet with
real time information.

Theft Prevention Layers

Reduce the risk
of theft prevention.

Active Engine Hour Reading

Manage billing hours and
scheduling maintenance.

Automatic Alerts

Receive instant machine
movement updates via email.

Maintenance Logs

Extend the durability
of your machines.

Advanced Reporting

Maximize daily operations
and reduce usage costs.

Core Features

We offer Kubota-ready GPS tracking solutions.

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Real-Time GPS Tracking

Track your fleet at all times with real time information available on the web based software or mobile application.

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Remote Engine Disable

In the event of a theft, lock down your vehicle by disabling the engine. This feature can be used from a smartphone or from a computer.

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Automatic Alerts

Receive proactive alerts on trailer movements such as arrival and departures from designated zones, towing alerts, low battery alerts, and more. Keep your fleet on track and on schedule.

Active Engine Hour Reading

Active Engine Hour Reading

Record billing hours and schedule maintenance. Prevent machine wear and tear by monitoring engine hours.

Active Engine Hour Reading

Maintenance Logs

Create maintenance logs to proactively ensure the health of your fleets and extend their durability.

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Advanced Telematic Reporting

Capture key data from vehicles, including activity milestones, mileage, and movement, and easily transform it into detailed reports.

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Asset Management

Cellutrak offers GPS tracking solutions that specialize in theft prevention and fleet management.

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Strategic Partners since 2014

Thousands of Kubota customers use Cellutrak solutions and this number is constantly growing in North America.


How long have Kubota and Cellutrak been in partnership?

Since 2014, Cellutrak and Kubota entered into a partnership to offer the Kubota dealer network and customer base theft prevention and fleet management solution across North America. The program was created to protect tractors and facilitate management for Kubota residential and commercial end-users in industries such as construction, agriculture, snow removal, landscaping, and rental.

How can I become a Cellutrak-certified Kubota dealer?

Cellutrak offers a unique program for Kubota dealerships. In order to become a Cellutrak-certified reseller, a dealer must complete the installation and sales training program.  This program is designed to teach Kubota dealers everything they need to know about the theft prevention and fleet management platform.

Can the Cellutrak/Kubota solution be installed on non-Kubota vehicles?

Yes – the joint solution can be installed on non-Kubota vehicles by Cellutrak-certified Kubota dealerships.

Please check out the dealer locator to find a certified dealer near you. 

What are some key features used by Kubota end-users?

  • Automatic alerts for geo zones, machine movements in and out of yards, towing, and maintenance 
  • Remote engine disable function to lock machines down at the end of a work day on a job site
  • Real-time tracking to better manage job sites or vehicles on the road 
  • Maintenance schedule to prevent machine wear and tear  

What are the benefits of using the Cellutrak/Kubota solution?

There are many benefits to using the Cellutrak/Kubota solution for GPS tracking. 

Because Cellutrak is exclusive to Kubota, Cellutrak is well versed in Kubota machinery. This is a benefit for dealers and customers as the familiarity with the machine allows Cellutrak to customize its software to meet Kubota’s needs. 

  • Bird’s eye view of all machines in real time
  • Prevent unauthorized usage 
  • Increase the machine’s life cycle with a preventative maintenance module
  • Streamline business operations to increase efficiency  
  • Management on the go with Cellutrak’s free mobile application
  • Theft prevention, millions of dollars of machinery recovered since the beginning of the program 

Latest News

Kubota SVL75 stolen out a school yard in Texas, recovered by a contracting company using Cellutrak’s GPS tracking system.

The value of the Kubota SVL75 is $50,000.  August 2023 – Early Tuesday morning, machine thieves broke into a gated school in Fairgreen, Texas and stole the machine. The thieves ripped out the Kubota SVL75 ignition wiring and took it about 0.6 miles to a forested area. Upon arrival to ...

Ontario car thief breaks into home and steals a Mercedes GLE63 from the garage, Cellutrak helps police track down and recover the vehicle.

The 2021 Mercedes GLE63 was valued at $155,000.  August 2023 – An Ontario citizen of Woodbridge was the target of a home invasion for the purpose of stealing their car. Their vehicle was stolen after being secured in their garage and taken to a strip mall parking lot in Etobicoke ...

Montreal Leasing company installs Cellutrak’s GPS tracking technology as car thefts increase, allowing for a speedy recovery of their stolen GMC Denali from a transport container in Baie D’urfe, Quebec.

The 2022 GMC Denali was valued at $100,000.  June 2023 -- Early on a Monday Morning around 3:30 AM a GMC Denali was stolen from an individual's driveway in Rosemere, Quebec. The car was undetectable for two days, and as soon as it moved, Cellutrak was able to reconnect to ...

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