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Your Fleet Management & Telematics Software

Cellutrak keeps you connected to your vehicle in real-time with our innovative telematics solution for fleet management.

Core Features

Our GPS tracking solutions offer advanced functionality.

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Advanced Telematic Reporting

Capture key data from vehicles, including activity milestones, mileage, and movement, and easily transform it into detailed reports.

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Real-Time GPS Tracking

Track your fleet at all times with real time information available on the web based software or mobile application.

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Automatic Alerts

Receive proactive alerts on vehicle movements such as arrival and departures from designated zones, towing alerts, low battery alerts, and more. Keep your fleet on track and on schedule.


What are the key benefits of a fleet management solution?

There are many benefits to implementing a fleet management solution, but the key benefits are increased efficiency and decreased costs. A good fleet management system can help you keep track of your vehicles, schedule maintenance and repairs, and more. This information can help you make decisions about how to optimize your fleet operations, which can lead to significant cost savings. In addition, a well-designed fleet management solution will provide valuable insights into your operations that can help you improve your overall performance.

Which industries could benefit from fleet management and telematics?

There are many industries that can benefit from fleet management and telematics. This includes both public and private fleets, as well as various types of businesses such as construction, roofing, delivery, taxi and limousine services, public transportation, governmental, rental and more.

Some of the most obvious beneficiaries are transportation and logistics companies, which can use these tools to optimize their routes and keep track of their vehicles. However, other businesses such as construction companies, utilities, and even event planners can also make use of fleet management systems.

One of the main benefits of using fleet management solutions is increased efficiency. This can lead to improved vehicle utilization and faster response times to customer requests. In addition, telematics can help improve driver safety by providing real-time data on dangerous driving behaviours such as speeding or hard braking.

How can fleet managers benefit from using Cellutrak’s fleet management & telematics solutions?

Cellutrak’s fleet management & telematics solution is a comprehensive system designed to improve fleet efficiency and productivity. By providing real-time data tracking and analysis, our system helps fleet managers to make informed decisions about asset utilization, route optimization, and driver performance. Additionally, our broad range of features and integrations – including GPS tracking, driver identification, and driver behaviour management – ensures that our solution can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer. As a result, our customers enjoy increased operational efficiencies, reduced expenses, and improved safety outcomes. If you are responsible for managing a fleet of vehicles, Cellutrak’s fleet management & telematics solutions can help you to achieve your goals.

Fleet management and telematics are integrated into fleet practices in order to improve overall fleet efficiency and performance. Through the use of telematics data, fleet managers can make better-informed decisions about routing, fuel usage, and driver behaviour. This allows for a more streamlined operation with reduced costs and improved safety.

What size fleet can this be operated on?

GPS tracking solutions can be used on any size fleet, from a few vehicles to hundreds or even thousands. There are many factors to consider when determining how many GPS trackers to deploy, including the number of assets you need to track, and the level of detail you need in your tracking data.

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