Fleet Driver Tracking & Behaviour

Improve driver behaviour
based on a wide set of
event measurements

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Your Driver Behaviour Analysis Software

Cellutrak helps you to improve driver behaviour based on 18 event measurements that generate reports broken down by safety and fuel criteria. Driver Behaviour is embedded within the Cellutrak device.

Core Features

Our GPS tracking solutions offer advanced functionality.

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Driver Evaluation Report

Review results per driver in the form of a certificate to help improve driving habits.

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Period Summary Graphs

The collected data of events and trends are evaluated and presented in a pie and line-chart. Such events are speeding, excessive acceleration, braking and excessive use of engine idling.

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Export Reports

Easily export reports to excel spreadsheets to analyze each event. Events are documented in kilometers, engine hours, safety grade, fuel grade, braking, turning, overtakes, speeding, and accelerations.


Can my reports be exported?

Yes, you can easily export your reports in Excel, PDF or HTML format. You can export all available reports from location, mileage, speeding, stop message, ignition, trip, idle, and a full detailed report. These are easily saved or printed.

Is Driver Behaviour an additional module to the fleet management solution?

No. Driver Behaviour is embedded into the unit, however, the data is an additional module within the fleet management solution.

The driver behaviour module can provide drivers with real-time feedback on their driving habits and insights into how they can improve their driving skills. It’s also important to have a system in place that rewards good driving behaviour and penalizes bad driving habits. By improving driver behaviour, fleets can improve safety and reduce costs associated with accidents and injuries.

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