GPS Asset Tracking

Improve operational
efficiencies and
equipment availability

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Your Complete Vehicle Asset Tracker

Cellutrak keeps you connected in real-time to your vehicle with our specialized multi-layered technology for remote asset management.

Core Features

Our GPS tracking solutions offer advanced functionality.

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Inventory Control

Control your fleet with real time information through the web based software or the free mobile application.

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Maintenance Management

Remotely track engine hours and schedule maintenance while equipment is being rented.

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Asset Protection

Mitigate your risk with remote engine disable and proactive alerts including ignition alerts, zone exit alerts, towing alerts, low battery alerts, and more.


Can I use my cellphone to track my assets?

Yes, your assets can be tracked on your cell phone. Cellutrak’s platform can be accessed through web-based software or through the mobile application. Cellutrak’s free mobile application is available for apple and android devices.

What are the benefits of GPS asset tracking solutions?

GPS asset tracking solutions can provide a company with a number of benefits, including, but not limited to:

  1. Reduced costs – Readily available reports based on asset whereabouts can help identify inefficient patterns. Reduced idling time, and scheduling preventive maintenance can contribute to big savings.
  2. Improved safety – Knowing the location of all company assets at all times can help improve safety and security.
  3. Increased efficiency – Tracking assets using GPS can help improve operational efficiency by helping to optimize routing and scheduling.
  4. Greater visibility – A company’s management team can have greater visibility into where company assets are located and how they are being used. This can help with decision-making and strategic planning.

What is GEOFencing?

Geofencing is a feature of GPS asset tracking that allows you to create a virtual perimeter around a specific area. If an asset enters or exits the designated area, you will receive an alert. This can be useful for keeping tabs on your employees when they’re out in the field, monitoring your assets as they make their way to their destination, and more.

What assets are compatible to be tracked?

GPS asset tracking can track just about any type of asset, from vehicles to equipment and containers. Almost anything with a power source can be located when equipped with Cellutrak GPS. The tracking unit then communicates via cellular or satellite networks, allowing the location of the asset to be displayed in real-time.

Can I track multiple assets?

GPS asset tracking can track multiple assets. Once all assets are equipped with tracking units, they can be easily accessed and viewed within the platform. The GPS asset tracker will display the location of each asset in real-time, updating the position every few seconds.

This information can be accessed from any internet-connected device, such as a computer or smartphone. You can also set up alerts to be notified when an asset moves out of a designated area, or if it goes offline for whatever reason. This makes it easy to keep track of your valuable assets at all times!

Latest News

Kubota SVL75 stolen out a school yard in Texas, recovered by a contracting company using Cellutrak’s GPS tracking system.

The value of the Kubota SVL75 is $50,000.  August 2023 – Early Tuesday morning, machine thieves broke into a gated school in Fairgreen, Texas and stole the machine. The thieves ripped out the Kubota SVL75 ignition wiring and took it about 0.6 miles to a forested area. Upon arrival to ...

Ontario car thief breaks into home and steals a Mercedes GLE63 from the garage, Cellutrak helps police track down and recover the vehicle.

The 2021 Mercedes GLE63 was valued at $155,000.  August 2023 – An Ontario citizen of Woodbridge was the target of a home invasion for the purpose of stealing their car. Their vehicle was stolen after being secured in their garage and taken to a strip mall parking lot in Etobicoke ...

Montreal Leasing company installs Cellutrak’s GPS tracking technology as car thefts increase, allowing for a speedy recovery of their stolen GMC Denali from a transport container in Baie D’urfe, Quebec.

The 2022 GMC Denali was valued at $100,000.  June 2023 -- Early on a Monday Morning around 3:30 AM a GMC Denali was stolen from an individual's driveway in Rosemere, Quebec. The car was undetectable for two days, and as soon as it moved, Cellutrak was able to reconnect to ...

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