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A concrete sawing and drilling company in L’Avenir Quebec had a Kubota U27 and trailer stolen, both were recovered thanks to the Cellutrak GPS Tracking System expediting the warrant process for local authorities.

The Kubota U27 was valued at $75,000 and the Trailer was valued at $6,000 for a total recovery of $81,000.

September 2022 -- On September 14th, the owner of the specialty construction company used the Cellutrak GPS tracking system to recover the stolen vehicles. Upon arrival to his job site, his Kubota and trailer were not there. He opened up the Cellutrak application on his phone to locate the machine. The owner worked with Cellutrak’s 24/7 recovery team to obtain the exact locations and provide this information to the Surete du Quebec to obtain a warrant and recuperate the machine and trailer. The recovery was expedited due to the accuracy of the Cellutrak system and quick responses from Cellutrak’s 24/7 personnel. The police did not make any arrests, but were able to return the vehicles to the owner within 24 hours of the theft being reported.

The Cellutrak-Kubota program offers unique services for Kubota dealers and customers. As part of the VIP program, all customers can receive unlimited software training for all their company personnel. In the event of a theft, being well equipped with access to real time information can make all the difference when it comes to vehicle recovery. This customer used all the tools available through the Cellutrak system and was successful in returning not one but two stolen vehicles.


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