Cellutrak a “10” for LM RENTS Director of Rental Division

When asked to rate his experience with Cellutrak on a scale of 1 to 10, Mike Berini – Director of the Rental Division at LM RENTS – firmly answered 10. And in the interview, he shares his personal insights on Cellutrak’s all-in-one GPS tracking solutions.

Cellutrak: Making Processes Easier

“There are several things that I like about Cellutrak that have made my job as a manager much easier,” Berini says. “First of all, the training period was really easy and focused on what was important to me and how I would use the product. Second, Cellutrak has a live mode for updates on broken or stolen units and equipment, which is a huge help.”

He then went on to talk about how Cellutrak fleet management solutions helps with mitigating risks. “Third, I can now monitor my entire fleet and plan my logistics between client sites. And fourth, thanks to Cellutrak, I can easily shut down units for clients who are late with their payments.”

Most of the rental units of LM RENTS are sent to locations without a precise address. As a result, Berini relies heavily on Cellutrak’s GPS tracking solutions to track and perform service calls for his clients.

The Cellutrak Alert System

The Cellutrak GPS fleet management system features an alert update system designed to give you live updates on faulty or stolen units. This allows you to remain in the loop about the goings-on of your company’s property at all times. In the event that something goes wrong, you can take quick and decisive action to resolve the issue.

There are two main parts of the Cellutrak alert update system: recovery and troubleshooting. The fleet management and telematics software are designed to help you quickly recover any stolen property by providing precise location information and geotracking.

Then the troubleshooting system will help you resolve any issues that may arise with rental units outside the company dealership. Cellutrak will send alerts whenever a unit has had a report of an issue. Then the expert team of Cellutrak technicians will be dispatched to assess the issue and make repairs as necessary.

“Highly Recommended”

Berini highly recommends Cellutrak to any manager responsible for a fleet of rental units, who is looking for a reliable GPS tracking solution. For him, it’s been an invaluable tool for him that has made his job much easier and more efficient. Thanks to Cellutrak, he can focus on other aspects of his job since he knows his fleet is safe and monitored around the clock.

Watch the full video interview with Mike Berini to learn more about LM RENTS and Cellutrak.

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