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Cellutrak Global Leader in GPS Tracking, Telematics & Theft Prevention Solutions

Company Profile

Cellutrak powered by Ituran, offers a complete line of military grade GPS tracking devices complete with an anti theft system & a full suite of telematics reporting for business and consumer use. Cellutrak provides the latest technology in hardware and software, and is committed to providing the best customer service in the industry.

Powered by Ituran

Ituran Location and Control is a leading provider of telecommunication services for automobile applications, with activities in the United States, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, and Canada. The company originated as a daughter company of Tadiran Ltd., where its unique cutting-edge location technology was initially developed. In 1995, Tadiran sold the business unit to a group of private investors, forming the core company of Ituran Location and Control Ltd. The Ituran Group provides services for vehicles and pilots with over 15 years of experience. Originally created and used for search and rescue missions in the armed forces, Ituran’s unique technology has been adapted for corporate and consumer use.

A Global Leader

A trusted name in the GPS industry, Ituran has offices in the United States, Israel, Argentina and Brazil.

Ituran Company

Why Cellutrak?

No Such Thing as a One-Size Fits All

Exclusive to Cellutrak, our GPS products are the first to combine vehicle gps anti theft system and telematics in one solution. We are committed to our clients and customize each solution to best suit their business or everyday needs.

A Cut Above

Originally crafted for military use, our state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology guarantees a superior product. At Cellutrak, we believe in providing comprehensive solutions.

Customer Service

Cellutrak experts are available 24/7/365 to ensure ease of use, theft prevention and ultimate client satisfaction. We take pride in our work; therefore we will work around the clock to guarantee you made the right choice with Cellutrak.