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How to Reduce Fleet Management Costs

No one needs reminding that operating a fleet can be expensive, no matter the industry. There are so many different costs and expenses to juggle from repair jobs, paychecks, and refueling. 

There are some ways to lower your spending and improve your fleet's overall efficiency. Some of them require fleet management software, which you should already use. The others are more about taking advantage of your available resources. 

Here are just a few of the different ways you can save money on your fleet management. 

Upgrade Your Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software helps in many different areas by giving you real-time visibility into its operations. Most options provide some kind of advanced telematics reporting on key data such as activity milestones, mileage, and movement. 

However, not all driver fleet management software is made the same. If it's been a while since you obtained your current software, then it's possible you're using an outdated system. 

The newest options in the industry can help you track driver behavior, maintain your vehicles more efficiently, and spend money smarter. 

Driver Tracking

One of the most important ways to use fleet management software is for driver tracking. Most modern systems allow you to monitor certain events such as harsh braking, idling, and routes that are taken.

Dangerous driving behavior not only increases fuel consumption but can result in vehicle wear and tear. That means more repair jobs and money spent. Additionally, risky driving puts your driver and your company at risk of violating city ordinances. 

Keep Vehicles Better Maintained

Proactive vehicle maintenance is essential if you want to avoid your fleet breaking down on the road and costing you valuable time and money. Properly inflated tires last longer and help with handling. A properly oiled engine improves fuel economy. 

However, hiring routine maintenance for all of your fleet also costs a lot of time that your drivers could be on the road. 

One of the best ways to optimize fleet performance and save money is to get software that comes with vehicle tracking. Advanced telematics systems notify fleet managers of anything unusual, such as low tire pressure or engine trouble. Get those repairs done before they become a liability. 

Consider Lifetime Costs

Before you purchase a new set of vehicles, consider the various costs that'll come with them. For example, is this model fuel efficient? What's the vehicle maintenance schedule? 

Your fleet management telematics can provide more information on a vehicle's performance if you want to test one out before buying more. It can also help you determine which ones currently in your fleet are worth saving and which should be sold or disposed of. 

Fleet Right-Sizing

As your fleet grows, you'll have to figure out what vehicles are best suited for what jobs. Fleet right-sizing involves evaluating vehicle needs and purchasing the right vehicles for your industry.

Take a look at your fleet and see if there are any vehicles that have outlived their welcome. Are some vehicles no longer cost-effective? 

In addition, you'll want to purchase lighter vehicles with better fuel efficiency. Hybrid-electric or plug-in electric vehicles make for a great option for parts of your fleet that don't travel long distances. 

Make Use of Your Warranties

If parts break down or your vehicles need servicing, try to take advantage of your active warranties. They can help you avoid paying for parts, and things like oil changes are usually included. 

A factory warranty has your automaker repair or replace any damage from defective materials. Bumper-to-bumper warranties are the most comprehensive. Powertrain warranties focus on the vehicle's most important parts. 

Training Programs

Proper fleet training is important if you expect your employees to drive safely and know how to take care of their assigned vehicles. It's important to integrate some kind of fleet safety training program. These programs will teach your fleet defensive driving safety and risk management assessment. 

Training courses can help control liability costs linked to vehicle crashes, reduce insurance premiums, and decrease workers' compensation claims. It's also essential if you want to protect your brand since these employees represent your company every time they use your vehicles. 

More Affordable Fleet Management

It takes a lot of work to reduce costs on your fleet management, but it's well worth it. Fleet management software not only improves your fleet's efficiency but also helps keep your drivers safe. Responsible drivers in turn keep your vehicles well-maintained and in good condition. 

Interested in seeing what driver telematics and fleet management software can do for your business? Cellutrak has multiple GPS tracking solutions that include fleet management and more. Contact us to find the right solution for your business. 


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