Costa Nicolaidis on Partnership with Cellutrak

Kubota is far ahead of the pack in construction and fleet management – and that’s in part thanks to its partnership with Cellutrak. Kubota Canada has been working with Cellutrak since 2014, and was the first company in the Kubota Group to use Cellutrak’s solutions.

In an interview with Mr. Costa Nicolaidis, Kubota Canada’s Vice President of Finance and IT, talks about how Cellutrak has allowed Kubota to keep up with the competitive landscape of construction. Mr. Nicolaidis has been working with Cellutrak for over 8 years, and can attest to the benefits of partnering with Cellutrak for Kubota tracking solutions.


Why Cellutrak?

In particular, Kubota Canada makes use of Cellutrak’s cutting-edge fleet management, GPS fleet tracking, and telematics solutions. Mr. Nicolaidis also singled out Cellutrak’s 24/7 theft support for customers, which has led Kubota Canada to use Cellutrak theft prevention solutions as their primary anti-theft program.

Cellutrak’s software is also straightforward and easy to use. It provides a wealth of valuable data, such as real-time locations, speed and idling reports, and maintenance alerts. Companies like Kubota Canada use this data to improve fleet management and optimize performance.

How Cellutrak Works for Kubota

Kubota Canada operates a large dealership network, which means it’s essential to have GPS tracking solutions in place. With so many vehicles out on the road, it can be a challenge to monitor all of them without a little help. That’s where Cellutrak comes in.

Cellutrak is the leading provider of Kubota GPS tracking devices and software. One of their most highlighted features is their focus on quality customer service and support. Cellutrak is available 24/7 to help with any issues, from installation to training to troubleshooting.

Cellutrak offers a wide range of features that benefits Kubota, including:

  • Fleet management
  • Asset tracking
  • Telematics
  • Theft prevention
  • And more!

Since all Kubota vehicles are compatible with Cellutrak’s GPS tracking, it is a versatile solution for any business.

If you’re looking for reliable GPS tracking and telematics systems for your business – Cellutrak is your solution.

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