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Montreal finance company repossesses a Tesla X valued at $103,000 in British Columbia using the Cellutrak recovery system.

September 2022 – A local finance company had a customer default on their monthly car payments and used the Cellutrak system to recover their asset. Only 2 years into the lease, their customer could not make the payments and was not returning the vehicle. The Cellutrak solution was designed with several recovery layers to facilitate the repossession process. The high priced vehicle was transported back to Montreal in good condition with the help of Cellutrak’s 24/7 customer service.

The Tesla Model X is a fully electric vehicle known for it’s falcon wing doors and luxury status. Tesla ranked as most valuable automotive brand worldwide in 2022 and led the plug in electric vehicle market in sales. This popular model is becoming more and more in demand due to it’s capacity to hold up to 7 passengers. With demand increasing, leasing and financing companies are carrying more Tesla inventory and taking chances with riskier customers. Installing the all-in-one Cellutrak solution, specializing in GPS tracking, theft prevention and fleet management can mitigate a leasing or finance company’s risk.


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