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Cellutrak strikes again with the recovery of 2 Kubota machines and 1 arrest

Another Kubota Canada dealership was successful in using Cellutrak Canada’s GPS theft prevention, telematics & real time tracking software CONTROL™ to assist the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in the interference of a tractor heist.

On July 30, shortly after midnight, 2 Kubota machines were stolen from a Kubota dealership in Innerkip, Ontario. This dealership had adopted the Cellutrak-Kubota theft prevention program in early July. They quickly understood the power of CONTROL™ and learnt the theft prevention layers. The Cellutrak system communicated with them instantaneously in conjunction with the heist. They received 2 important notifications that were indications of a theft.

By using the Cellutrak system, they were able to indicate to the Brant County OPP the exact location of their vehicles and that they were on the move. The OPP were able to dispatch officers accordingly and trail the stolen machinery. Once the perpetrators realized they were being tailed, they pulled off the highway and tried to make a run for it. The OPP were able to make an arrest.

According to the Ontario Sewer & Watermain Construction Association (OSWCA), the OPP estimate that each year between $15 and $20 million worth of heavy construction equipment is stolen. In April 2014, Kubota Canada made the decision to cut down on their contribution to this large amount of stolen heavy machinery. In the month of July alone, Kubota Canada has recovered approximately $250,000 worth of machinery.

Speak to your Kubota dealer today to sign up or learn more about CONTROL™ as well as Cellutrak’s other consumer and commercial GPS solutions.

To read the full theft story, please click here.

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