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Cellutrak works with Surete du Quebec to obtain a search warrant and recover a stolen Kubota machine valued at $78,000

Labour Day weekend: Sunday, September 3, a Kubota R520 was stolen from a job site in Longueuil, Quebec.

Montreal is no stranger to heavy machinery theft, that is why a local construction company that had been previously targeted was more than equipped to deal with theft during this long weekend. Gearing up for this long weekend, the owner ensured that the Cellutrak telematics devices were installed and setup on their mobile devices.

Cellutrak’s multi-layered alerts went out at 5:44 PM demonstrating that the Kubota machine’s ignition was engaged and the vehicle was on the go. The machine was taken 61.8 KM away to Saint-Phillippe, Quebec. Cellutrak’s 24/7 customer service was able to provide the Surete du Quebec with all the required data including visuals to help obtain a search warrant. With this warrant the police were able to find the machine in a remote location, the thief’s garage. Within 48 hours, this machine was back at work, minimizing this business owner’s risk and saving him time and money.

To read the full theft story, please click here.

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