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What Is Vehicle Telematics?

Telematics Definition

Telematics vs telemetrics: what's the difference? Telemetrics is the process of collecting data in inaccessible or remote areas and automatically transmitting it to receiving equipment for analysis.

On the other hand, telematics is an interdisciplinary term that refers to the fusion of computer processing, telecommunications, informatics, and vehicular technologies to create a system (mostly for commercial fleets) that transmits data back to an organization.

Many people with some knowledge of telematics transport believe that it only comprises GPS navigation and wireless communication between a vehicle/driver and an organization. But these two are not the only functions of vehicle telematics. Read on to discover more.

Telematics Devices

A car telematics device serves many purposes, all geared towards improving productivity. The telematics system is made up of tracking devices placed in vehicles to enable the sending of telemetry information through wireless networks and the car's onboard modem and diagnostics (ODB-II). This allows the transmission of data from the car and telematics provider to the mobile telematics system or computers of fleet telematics managers and drivers.

Telematics companies usually provide various car telematics solutions such as fleet telematics software, telematics sensors, GPS tracking, real-time updates to offer insights and warnings, reporting abilities, hardware, software, and cloud solutions, and platforms based on the cloud that several people can use. But how does a vehicle telematics system work?

A telematics device uses satellite communication, General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), and 4G and cellular networks to collect and send a vehicle's data to a centralized server that analyses it and makes it possible to interpret on devices like laptops.

Cellutrak's GPS tracking solution is available on many devices

Cellutrak's GPS tracking solution is available on desktop and mobile.


Automotive Telematics System

One of the most important parts of a vehicle is the engine, so if it has an issue, you need to sort it out as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Engine telematics enables car owners to monitor the performance of their engines. 

They receive warnings on their smartphones or computers when the fuel and oil levels are low. With such updates, it is easier to plan maintenance schedules for fleets and ensure that the engine is always in perfect condition. 

Other vehicle telematics data include location, speed, vehicle diagnostics, braking and sharp acceleration, fuel consumption, and idling time. Some of this technology's benefits are improved productivity, compliance, better customer service (distance covered can be tracked and relayed to customers), lower fuel costs, and maintenance of servicing schedules.

Here are some uses of vehicle telematics:

  • Management of Fleets

A company's fleet needs to be well managed to increase performance and productivity. Vehicle telematics allows organizations and individuals to get regular updates on things like vehicle scheduling, and maintenance.

  • Automatic Collision Notification

This is a fantastic vehicle telematics feature as it doesn't require the driver to do anything when they are involved in a collision. When the telematics system detects a crash, it can reproduce how the accident occurred.

  • Geofencing

A geofence is a virtual boundary in a geographical area used by companies to ensure fleets don't go beyond specific regions. It can also be used by parents of kids who have just started driving to monitor the vehicle's movements.

  • Weather and News Updates

An app can be added to the telematics system to help drivers get regular weather reports and news updates.

Telematics Features in Cars

Does my car have telematics? This is a question many people ask. Today, a significant number of commercial vehicles come embedded with GPS tracking and telematics technologies. If a car does not come with this incredible technology, owners can acquire aftermarket telematics vehicle tracking devices.

Cellutrak offers GPS tracking and telematics solutions for fleets and family cars. Some GPS tracking features that we provide include remote engine disablement in case of vehicle theft, fleet tracking with real-time data sent to your computer or smartphone, and towing alerts, battery alerts etc.

Over the past few years, vehicle telematics solutions have become crucial for companies with fleets. Many businesses have realized that telematics plays a vital role in ensuring compliance, vehicle tracking, promoting driver safety, and boosting productivity. Evidently, more individuals and companies will use telematics systems in the future.

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