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Stolen Kubota KX080 recovered in Quebec

An agriculture worker had their Kubota KX080 stolen off their farm in Sherbrooke, Quebec and recovered all thanks to the location information provided to the Surete du Quebec by the Cellutrak 24/7 theft recovery team. The Kubota KX 080 is valued at $135,000.

This Kubota customer specializing in farming noticed their Kubota machine had been stolen when they woke up one morning in July. Knowing that the Cellutrak 24/7 theft recovery team is in place, this customer called Cellutrak to help recover their machine. The Cellutrak 24/7 theft recovery team specializes in working with police authorities to help obtain warrants and provide evidence to help cut down on crime.

Cellutrak’s real-time GPS fleet management system was able to pinpoint the exact location where the machine was taken to in Levis, Quebec. The pinpoint accuracy of the system allowed the Surete du Quebec to use our data to obtain the necessary warrants to recover the machine. They suspect that other machines were stolen as well. The high valued farming equipment was returned to the customer within 24 hours of the information being provided to the Surete du Quebec.

According to an article written by CBC, heavy equipment consultants believe that preventing heavy equipment theft is almost as easy as stealing heavy equipment. Machine owners and operators have to commit to using the technologies that are available to deter theft. According to these consultants, “They always think it will be somebody else’s machine so they don’t go to that second step in trying to prevent their machine from being stolen. The more layers of theft protection, the better.”

Download the full PDF press release here.

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