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Cellutrak helps Dallas authorities recover stolen Kubota SVL95

A rental company in Dallas, Texas had a Kubota SVL95 stolen while it was rented out to a construction company. It was recovered the same day it was reported, thanks to the Cellutrak system and the Dallas authorities. The value of the Kubota SVL95 is $90,000.

The rental company received a call from their customer that their Kubota SVL95 had been stolen from their construction job site. The rental company was able to pull up the live location of the SVL95 on the Cellutrak platform. The SVL95 was taken approximately 3 miles from the construction site and hidden in a wooded area in Dallas. Once the location was verified, the rental company called the police and within the hour they were able to recover their machine. Time is of the essence in machinery theft situations, and this rental company acted quickly and efficiently using the Cellutrak platform to track down the machine.

Rental companies are no strangers to heavy machinery theft, and a GPS anti-theft device is necessary to protect their assets.

To read the full theft story, please click here.

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