Success Stories

Commercial and Industrial Equipment Supplier in Texas has a Kubota SVL75 stolen and recovered.

The Kubota SVL75 was valued at $75,000

December 2022 - A heavy equipment supplier in Beaumont, Texas was targeted for theft and was able to recover his Kubota SVL75
thanks to the Cellutrak system. This situation was unique as local authorities were uncooperative in assisting in the recovery of the
machine due to private property legislation. Because the Cellutrak system works in real-time, the business owner was able to recuperate
the machine quickly and safely.

This business owner was grateful for the support of the Cellutrak 24/7 team. He left the following message: “I want to start off by saying
thank you and being as responsive as you were. My SVL-75-2 worth $75,000 was saved with your help.”

Whether you are an individual or operate a fleet of heavy machinery, Cellutrak works with all customers from all different industries to
ensure their vehicles are protected.

Cellutrak and Kubota Partnership Leads the Way

Kubota and Cellutrak have partnered together to offer unique products and services yet to be seen in the market. This strategic alliance
has distinguished Kubota and Cellutrak as leaders within the industry for both telematics and anti-theft. Exclusive to this partnership,
Cellutrak offers a personalized concierge service to all Kubota dealerships and Kubota customers. Since the partnership began
in 2014, Cellutrak has recovered numerous Kubota and Non-Kubota machines, representing in excess of $4,126,000 in
Canada and the United States.

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