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Hands-on Kubota dealer helps plumbing & drain company recover $110,000 worth of vehicles in Ontario

A Kubota KX018 and a trailer were stolen from a fenced-in lot in Hamilton, Ontario.

January 2023 – At the end of the month, a well-known drain specialist had their Kubota KX018 stolen from their yard while mounted
on their trailer. The thieves drove a U-Haul through the company’s fence and hooked the trailer up to their U-Haul which contained the
KX018. After going on a joy ride with the stolen vehicles, they parked the vehicles about 5 minutes away from the crime scene.

The plumbing and drain company was no stranger to theft and had installed a Cellutrak device to mitigate their risk. Upon arrival at their lot, they noticed both vehicles were missing. They immediately contacted their Kubota dealer that set them up with Cellutrak. This tech-
savvy dealer acted instantly and provided the company contact with the real-time location of the Kubota. The plumbing company called the police and they were able to recover both vehicles and make 1 arrest. Because the Kubota had a Cellutrak installed, both vehicles
were easily recuperated.

Both the Kubota KX018 and the trailer were back at the customer’s lot on the same day. The investigation is ongoing.

Cellutrak and Kubota Partnership Leads the Way

Kubota and Cellutrak have partnered together to offer unique products and services yet to be seen in the market. This strategic alliance
has distinguished Kubota and Cellutrak as leaders within the industry for both telematics and anti-theft. Exclusive to this partnership,
Cellutrak offers a personalized concierge service to all Kubota dealerships and Kubota customers. Since the partnership began
in 2014, Cellutrak has recovered numerous Kubota and Non-Kubota machines, representing in excess of $4,312,000 in
Canada and the United States.

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