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Kubota SVL75 stolen out a school yard in Texas, recovered by a contracting company using Cellutrak’s GPS tracking system.

The value of the Kubota SVL75 is $50,000.  August 2023 – Early Tuesday morning, machine thieves broke into a gated school in Fairgreen, Texas and stole the machine. The thieves ripped out the Kubota SVL75 ignition wiring and took it about 0.6 miles to a forested area. Upon arrival to ...

Cellutrak works their magic on a dormant GPS tracking unit to facilitate the recovery of a stolen Kubota SVL75 in Ontario for a Kubota dealer’s construction/rental customer.

The Kubota SVL75 was valued at $90,000.  June 2023 - A Toronto based construction and rental company who acquired a used Kubota SVL75 that had a Cellutrak GPS tracking device previously installed, opted not to keep the Cellutrak service. Little did this customer know that they would be targeted for ...

And Another One. A Kubota SVL75 stolen off a job site in Texas was recovered by the Austin Police Department using Cellutrak’s GPS Tracking Solution.

The Kubota SVL75 was valued at $85,000.  June 2023 -  A Kubota SVL75 rental was stolen from a job site in Taylor, Texas. The rental customer, a roadside construction company, reported the machine stolen upon arriving at their job site on June 4th. The Kubota rental company uses Cellutrak’s fleet ...

Cellutrak: A Solution for All Zimmerer Kubota Needs

For over three years now, Zimmerer Kubota has been using Cellutrak’s GPS tracking solutions for their vehicle and equipment. Before finding Cellutrak, they were using a GPS system that didn’t entirely fit their needs as a rental company. Zimmerer Kubota needed a system that would allow them to track their ...

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