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5 Reasons Why You Need an Anti-Theft GPS Tracker for Your Car


Car Theft

No one expects to become a victim of vehicle theft. Although a person needs their keys to unlock and operate a vehicle, criminals have their ways. Once it's been taken, the chances of getting it back are low. 

In 2019, Canada suffered 87,000 stolen cars. Ontario was the province with the most car thefts, at 24,000. The most stolen car overall in 2020 was a Honda, although Lexus was more popular in Ontario. 

Utilizing an anti-theft GPS tracker helps to ensure that if a vehicle is stolen that it can be safely returned in a timely manner. However, there are some other benefits to having a tracker installed in your car aside from theft protection. 

1. Locate Your Vehicle Anywhere in the World

An anti-theft GPS tracker for a car vehicle works just like any other GPS tracker on the market. With an associated app, a person can pull up their car's location at a moment's notice and with pinpoint accuracy. In most cases, it can be accurate enough to locate where a car is parked in a packed parking lot. 

Pairing GPS trackers with a company's fleet vehicles lets them give customers accurate updates in real-time. It can also help them keep track of vehicles that break down on the side of the road or get stolen. 

If a vehicle is stolen, users can track down the vehicle with real-time information, even if it's on the move. Monitor its location and send updates to the authorities to aid them in the vehicle's recovery.

In most cases, GPS tracking devices are accurate to within three meters. This type of tracking has greatly improved in recent years with better satellites and cellular networks. 

2. Get Help ASAP

The problem with car thefts is that there are a lot of vehicles on the road, and there really is no way to find it other than by sight if you don't have a tracker installed. As such, it could take days or weeks to recover your vehicle if they find it at all. 

With a vehicle tracking device, the car's owner can immediately tell emergency personnel exactly where their vehicle has gone anywhere in the world. They may also be able to detail where the vehicle has travelled recently, which can help authorities locate other people involved in the theft. 

Cellutrak has a dedicated 24/7 theft support team that can help out in the case of an emergency. The team works with local authorities for clients to help obtain warrants. To date, they've recovered millions of dollars worth in vehicles. 

3. Support Your Insurance Claim

The world of insurance can be a pain to navigate. More often than not, people with little history of requiring insurance get much better deals than the people who actually need it. There's also the issue of trying to qualify for better insurance. Nowadays, auto insurance companies are using GPS tracking technology to improve their coverage and determine insurance rates.

When a vehicle is stolen, insurance rates can also increase. In their eyes, a vehicle that has been stolen in the past may end up stolen again. However, an anti-theft GPS tracker allows for a quick and speedy recovery, which shows the insurance company that you're taking preemptive measures to ensure its safety.

4. Vehicle Diagnostics

One of the benefits of GPS technology is the data it can collect on a vehicle and the owner's driving habits. This can come especially handy for fleet diagnostics. Certain software and apps can allow fleet owners to improve their driver behaviour based on these measurements. 

As previously stated, anti-theft GPS trackers can help police pinpoint a vehicle's location. The diagnostic data it collects can also tell them if the vehicle was stashed anywhere for a certain amount of time and where it has travelled. 

Create period summary graphs that include speeding events, excessive acceleration, and other dangerous driving habits. Review results per driver for when evaluations come around. Easily share these reports with whoever needs to see them. 

5. Integrate With Security System and Prevent Theft

Of course, the most important role when it comes to an anti-theft GPS tracker is recovering a vehicle that has been stolen. Most trackers come paired with some kind of app or extensive security system to add functionality and improve the chance of recovering the vehicle. 

Cellutrak has a comprehensive security suite that offers extra features in addition to the GPS tracker. Users can remotely disable a vehicle's engine from any distance once it comes to a stop. They also have access to automatic alerts that notify them if their vehicle goes outside of a specified area or if the engine turns on while they're away from it. 

Some insurance providers have optional anti-theft GPS installations that benefit both your coverage as well as provide an extra layer of security. There are also vehicles that come with these features pre-installed. However, a third-party security provider is often much easier to communicate with and offers extra functionality. 

Finding the Best Anti-Theft GPS Tracker

A vehicle is a significant investment for a single person, let alone a company that's filling an entire fleet. Not only is money lost when one goes missing, but there's also the lengthy wait for it to be found. That wait can be shortened with the use of an anti-theft GPS tracker. 

Cellutrak provides solutions for theft prevention, asset tracking, fleet management, and more. We offer advanced functionality in our tracking solutions that can help make your job easier. 

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