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A Bobcat S185 was stolen off a farm in Chilliwack, British Columbia, ended in machine recovery and 1 arrest.

The Bobcat S185, skid steer loader was valued at $40,000.


November 2022 — Upon arrival to their farm, a crop production owner was faced with a missing skid steer loader. The agriculture business owner is no stranger to theft and had equipped several of their vehicles with Cellutrak’s theft prevention and fleet management system from his local Kubota dealer.

Once he realized the machine was stolen, he immediately opened up Cellutrak’s mobile application to track the Bobcat skid steer and called the police to report the theft. He used the Cellutrak 24/7 recovery team to confirm locations and provide the information to the police. The thief had an existing warrant out for arrest, making the process quick. The Bobcat was returned back within 24 hours.

The Cellutrak and Kubota program was designed for Kubota dealers to easily resell the solution to all customers whether they are operating Kubota or non-Kubota machinery or service vehicles. The Cellutrak hardware can be installed on any vehicle with a battery.

About Cellutrak GPS Tracking Solutions


Cellutrak offers a complete line of military grade GPS tracking telematic solutions specializing in theft prevention and fleet management for businesses and consumers. Cellutrak was created in North America in 2009 and is a subsidiary of the publicly traded and international GPS leader, Ituran (Nasdaq: ITRN). Cellutrak provides the latest technology in hardware and software that is designed to reduce vehicle owner’s risks and increase productivity. Cellutrak’s full suite of telematics features include real-time tracking, remote engine disable, real-time alerts, maintenance management, detailed reporting and more. Cellutrak is committed to providing the best customer service in the industry, including our 24/7 theft support department that has aided in recovering millions of dollars worth of vehicles in different countries.


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