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Cellutrak’s Assists Rental Dealership in Recovering a Kubota Tractor Stolen from a Dallas, Texas Job Site

October 2021 – The Dallas-area dealer / rental company found itself dealing with a stolen vehicle—and not for the first time. Thanks to an
employee’s familiarity with Cellutrak, the SVL95, estimated valued at $70,000, was recovered even before the police showed up.
An employee of the dealership, was at home when he was alerted via e-mail that the Kubota was being towed from a construction site.
There were indications that the vehicle had low battery and power loss, and was in the process of being transported—movements
suspected were unusual. After calling the branch manager and supplying the vehicle’s serial numbers, his suspicions were confirmed:
the customer had not ordered the tractor to be towed from the job site, and the vehicle was reported stolen. When police were slow to
respond, the customer and dealership used the Cellutrak phone app’s live location feature to fi nd the vehicle, and soon tracked it down
to a location where they were able to retrieve it. Though the thieves weren’t caught, the successful recovery of the Kubota did reinforce
the employees belief that the Cellutrak service was invaluable: this was the third time he’d used the app, and in his words he considers it
“a tremendous help.”

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