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Ontario car thief breaks into home and steals a Mercedes GLE63 from the garage, Cellutrak helps police track down and recover the vehicle.

The 2021 Mercedes GLE63 was valued at $155,000. 

August 2023 – An Ontario citizen of Woodbridge was the target of a home invasion for the purpose of stealing their car. Their vehicle was stolen after being secured in their garage and taken to a strip mall parking lot in Etobicoke. Luckily for this car owner, the leasing company who sold them the car installed Cellutrak’s military grade GPS tracking device due to the increase in car thefts nation-wide. The police were able to recuperate the Mercedes GLE63 within an hour thanks to the real time information provided by the Cellutrak GPS tracking system. 

Car theft in Canada has been on the rise, and the provinces of Quebec and Ontario have seen a 50% increase this year.  According to the Halton Regional Police, a multi-layered approach is becoming essential in securing your vehicle. Cellutrak’s car tracking devices provide individuals with the tools they need to protect their vehicle and act immediately in the event of a theft.

Cellutrak refines the best hardware, pairs it with the best software, and finishes it off with the best customer service in the industry. 

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