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And Another One. A Kubota SVL75 stolen off a job site in Texas was recovered by the Austin Police Department using Cellutrak’s GPS Tracking Solution.

The Kubota SVL75 was valued at $85,000. 

June 2023 -  A Kubota SVL75 rental was stolen from a job site in Taylor, Texas. The rental customer, a roadside construction company, reported the machine stolen upon arriving at their job site on June 4th. The Kubota rental company uses Cellutrak’s fleet management hardware and software to improve efficiency and minimize risk. Upon receiving the news of the stolen tractor, the rental manager was able to log in to the Cellutrak system and contact Cellutrak’s 24/7 theft recovery team to aid him in the recovery process. 

According to our system, the SVL75 was towed about 18 miles away from the original job site, ending up outside an abandoned house in Austin, Texas. Because of jurisdiction legality, the Taylor Police Department and the Austin Police Department Police worked together using the precise location provided by the Cellutrak system to recuperate the Kubota machine immediately. No arrests have been made at this time. 

Cellutrak & Kubota Partnership Leads the Way 

Kubota and Cellutrak have partnered together to offer unique products and services yet to be seen in the market. This strategic alliance has distinguished Kubota and Cellutrak as leaders within the industry for both telematics and anti-theft. Exclusive to this partnership, Cellutrak offers a personalized concierge service to all Kubota dealerships and Kubota customers. 

Since the partnership began in 2014, Cellutrak has recovered numerous Kubota and Non-Kubota machines, representing in excess of $4,507,000 in Canada and the United States.

View the PDF here. 

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