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Case Study: Using telematics to create a competitive advantage for the supply chain

Read our Cellutrak-Kubota case study below to learn how our technology powered by Ituran can be used to create a competitive advantage for the entire supply chain.

Case Study Overview

Industry: Rental | Landscaping | Government & Municipality | Agriculture | Construction
Location: North America
Scope: Thousands of users throughout North America

The Client

Kubota Canada Ltd. is the Canadian marketer and distributor of Kubota-branded equipment, including a complete line of tractors, performance-matched implements, compact and utility-class construction equipment, consumer lawn and garden equipment, commercial turf products and utility vehicles.

The company offers its branded equipment in a purchase, rental or leasing model directly from Kubota Canada, or through its network of local dealers.

Kubota Canada tractor

Source: Kubota Canada

The Challenge

In 2014, Cellutrak partnered with Kubota Canada Ltd. to provide Kubota a theft deterrent that would serve the company, its network of dealers and all end-users. As leaders in the light/heavy machinery industry, Kubota Canada was committed to mitigating the risk of equipment loss due to theft, protecting client profitability, and supporting a healthy industry. Kubota Canada’s secondary goals were supporting machinery maintenance and inventory operations.

Soon after the implementation process began, we realized that the Cellutrak powered by Ituran solution could also be utilized as a platform for creating new profit centers which would allow dealers and their customers to further maximize productivity within their businesses.

Our Solution

Developing an all-in-one fleet management and telematics solution that included theft prevention, real-time tracking, and advanced reporting. The solution would be installed and integrated in Kubota machinery, by a simple setup that would be done by dealers.

The system key features include:


  • Live tracking
  • Automatic alerts
  • Remote Engine Disable
  • Active engine hours or KM/MI reading
  • Maintenance logs
  • Advanced reporting
Kubota tractors

Source: Kubota Canada


In line with Kubota’s customer-centric approach and service model, Cellutrak was responsible for training dealers on how to use the software: how to install the unit in a concealed area within the tractor, and to configure the remote engine disable function. Every unit was set up with standard alerts for theft including, towing, power low, power loss, and zone enter/exits (based on geo-zones set up with the customer during their training).


  1. Reducing the exposure to machinery theft (according to the National Equipment Register NER theft of machinery in North America is estimated at $400 million annually)
  2. Lowering Kubota’s risk in nance deals given to dealers and clients
  3. Maximizing daily operations by transitioning to effective automated machine maintenance schedules with less downtime of machinery and lower maintenance costs
  4. Extending the durability of machines thanks to better management of wear & tear
  5. Simplifying inventory management (at Kubota and for dealers) and allowing better long-term planning, by improving machine visibility and asset utilization

What makes the Kubota Canada case study unique?

In addition to the immediate benefits as presented above in the case study on telematics, by integrating into Kubota’s backend system Dealerlink, the Cellutrak by Ituran system connects Kubota’s head office to dealers and their customers, and helps facilitate inventory management.

cellutrak ituran gps software device

Cellutrak's Ituran-powered GPS tracking and telematics software


Kubota’s mission is to create a positive experience for anyone using their equipment. By protecting machinery, reducing financial and operational risks, increasing productivity and supporting profit models, the Cellutrak powered by Ituran solution adds value to different players across the supply chain and is in line with Kubota’s user experience vision.

The impressive results have led to expanding our joint offering to the US market, through dealers across America. Cellutrak powered by Ituran entered into a partnership with Kubota Tractor Corporation in 2020 to offer an innovative program called KubotaNOW telematics. This program integrates data from KubotaNOW equipped machines into the Cellutrak powered by Ituran fleet management platform.

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