Lansdowne-Moody Kubota: Cellutrak a “Lifesaver”

“Lifesaver” – that’s how Chuck Richardson, rental manager at Lansdowne-Moody Kubota, describes  Cellutrak’s GPS tracking solutions. As a Kubota dealer with six locations and a large rental division in Houston, Texas, Lansdowne-Moody Kubota relies heavily on Cellutrak’s all-in-one GPS tracking systems.

These solutions have helped Lansdowne-Moody Kubota keep tabs on their Kubota units at all times. Since installing Cellutrak devices on all their construction and agricultural equipment with engines above 40 horsepower, they’ve been able to monitor and protect their assets from theft.

In an interview, Richardson talks about Cellutrak’s Kubota tracking solutions and how they’ve improved efficiency and risk mitigation at Lansdowne-Moody Kubota.


Cellutrak and Theft Prevention

At Lansdowne-Moody Kubota, everyone understands that theft prevention is a top concern for customers. Because of this, they’ve chosen to partner with Cellutrak, a leading provider of GPS fleet tracking and management solutions.

Cellutrak’s fleet management and telematics allow Lansdowne-Moody Kubota to keep track of their fleet – from inter-branch movement to inventory and maintenance. The real-time visibility of the locations of Kubota vehicles and tractors has allowed managers to rest assured knowing their assets are always accounted for.

Moreover, one of the biggest advantages of Cellutrak GPS tracking systems is the ability to generate maintenance reports, which come in handy – especially after the winter months, when vehicles must be in top condition.

How Cellutrak Improves Performance for Lansdowne-Moody Kubota

“Cellutrak has excellent products and Kubota tracking solutions that help us keep track of all our rental equipment,” Richardson explains. “We have a lot of high-value items in our fleet and need to know where they are at all times in case they are stolen.”

Richardson also says the mobile phone app has been extremely helpful and convenient for risk mitigation. “[It] allows us to remotely disable the engine if it is ever taken without permission. This has been a lifesaver for us!”

He then went on to highlight one of the things he likes best about Cellutrak: customer service. “Any time we have had an issue or needed help, the customer service team has been extremely responsive and helpful. They are always available to answer our questions and help us troubleshoot any problems we might be having.”

Additionally, theft prevention is a key issue at Lansdowne-Moody Kubota, and Cellutrak is the perfect solution for that. “Cellutrak has helped us become more efficient by saving us time and money. We now have the ability to locate our machines quickly and easily, which has prevented costly downtime,” Richardson explains.

He added that the monthly reports they receive also give them valuable, actionable insights into their fleet utilization, allowing them to make better decisions about fleet management.

If you’re looking for a reliable GPS tracking solution as a Kubota dealer, Richardson highly recommends Cellutrak. With its real-time tracking capabilities and theft prevention features, Cellutrak helps your business run more efficiently and effectively.

Learn more by watching the full video interview with Chuck Richardson from Lansdowne-Moody Kubota.

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