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Cellutrak Aids in the Recovery of $22K Kubota BX23 in Montreal, with the use of Asset Protection Services

Cellutrak Aids in the Recovery of $22K Kubota BX23 in Montreal, with the use of Asset Protection Services

Cellutrak played a key role in recovering a Kubota BX23 tractor (valued at over $22,000.00) from a funeral home, located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The owner received a towing alert from the Cellutrak software notifying him that the Kubota was being used without authorization. The towing alert occurred at a time that was considered after hours and did not have any merit. The owner sent one of his employees to verify the tractor’s location. Upon arrival, the son confirmed the Cellutrak’s system accuracy and that the Kubota tractor was indeed stolen.

The son verified the tractor was not parked where it was supposed to be parked and proceeded to contact Cellutrak’s 24/7 theft support team. With the help of the Cellutrak 24/7 theft response team, the stolen equipment was tracked to a nearby address. Police were then notified of the theft, the location of the stolen equipment and assistance was requested in recovering the equipment.

Montreal police were able to locate and secure the tractor, hidden in the woods, where the Cellutrak system indicated the tractor was abandoned. It was in good shape and was returned to the owner. Police are currently checking video footage of the surrounding area in an attempt to identify, locate and arrest the thieves. Without Cellutrak, the owners would not have known about the stolen equipment until much later. By the time they did know, It might have been unrecoverable; over 35% of all stolen motorised property (vehicles, tractors, etc.) in Canada are not recovered.

Cellutrak’s 24/7 alerts notified the owner of the funeral home and by working with his son and the Cellutrak Asset Protection Team, he was able to use the system to verify the equipment was stolen and identify where it was located. After seeing Cellutrak in action, the owner of the funeral home planned to install Cellutrak on all of his other vehicles and equipment.

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