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Cellutrak strikes again with another Ontario car theft recovery, a Lexus RX350 was tracked and recuperated in Montreal thanks to the theft prevention system.

The 2019 Lexus RX350 was valued at $60,000.

March 2023 — At 6:00 AM , the high end car was stolen just outside of a residential area in Ottawa, Ontario. The Cellutrak advanced reporting shows that the car travelled along the A50 highway and taken to a residence in Kirkland, Quebec. The leasing company responsible for this car reported it stolen and used the Cellutrak customer service department to locate it for an easy recuperation the same day.

Leasing companies are being negatively affected by the increase in car thefts in Canada, especially in Ontario and Quebec. Both are becoming known as major hubs for car thefts. The Lexus RX models ranks in at #1 on the hitlist for car thefts in Ontario in 2022. Leasing companies are exposed to different types of risks than a regular vehicle owner, and should start implementing measures to minimize their risk.

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About Cellutrak GPS Tracking Solutions

Cellutrak offers a complete line of military grade GPS tracking telematic solutions specializing in theft prevention and fleet management for businesses and consumers. Cellutrak was created in North America in 2009 and is a subsidiary of the publicly traded and international GPS leader, Ituran (Nasdaq: ITRN). Cellutrak provides the latest technology in hardware and software that is designed to reduce vehicle owner’s risks and increase productivity. Cellutrak’s full suite of telematics features include real-time tracking, remote engine disable, real-time alerts, maintenance management, detailed reporting and more. Cellutrak is committed to providing the best customer service in the industry, including our 24/7 theft support department that has aided in recovering millions of dollars worth of vehicles in different countries.

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