Joanne Joachimstaler on Kubota Canada’s Partnership with Cellutrak

Tailor-made solutions with the right appearance – that’s how Joanne Joachimstaler, Kubota Canada's Wholesale Finance Manager, describes Cellutrak in its partnership with Kubota Canada.

Ms. Joachimstaler shared her experience with Cellutrak’s GPS fleet tracking solutions, saying that Kubota chose Cellutrak for several reasons. The company met all of Kubota’s criteria for their needs – namely that Cellutrak had the right product with the right appearance and a similar family-style culture.

As the Wholesale Finance Manager of Kubota Canada, Ms. Joachimstaler is responsible for finding new ways to save money and increase profits. Part of this involves finding ways to be efficient in their supply chain and distribution network. That’s where Cellutrak comes in.


Cellutrak Solutions for Kubota

One of the main reasons that Kubota Canada partnered with Cellutrak, according to Joachimstaler, is because Cellutrak always listens to their customers’ needs and tailors solutions to fit those requirements. This is key for Kubota Canada since they are constantly evolving and changing to meet customer expectations.

Kubota Canada can customize their signature tractors, and Cellutrak can customize aspects of their GPS tracking solutions, especially since they own and control their own military-grade hardware. It is this adaptability that made Kubota Canada choose Cellutrak – among other advantages.

Over the years, Cellutrak’s fleet management and telematics have helped improve efficiencies in Kubota’s supply chain and distribution network. These have provided managers with real-time data on the locations and status of their assets. Using this, managers can make better, more informed decisions about routes, schedules, and deployments.

Additionally, Cellutrak’s GPS fleet tracking can help managers in theft prevention by identifying areas where theft or loss occurs. This way, they can take steps to mitigate those risks. Insurance companies might even offer discounts for businesses that use GPS tracking solutions since they are perceived as low-risk.

Cellutrak: The Perfect Fit for Kubota

As someone responsible for finding new and better solutions for her company, Joachimstaler knows it is crucial to find a partner who meets all their business needs – not just in the present, but also in the future. And when asked for the criteria she uses when considering these solutions, Joachimstaler said: product, appearance, and culture.

In terms of product, Kubota Canada needed a GPS tracking solution that’s software specialized in theft prevention and fleet management, and telematics that would meet all their current needs while being flexible for future growth. Then it was important for that product to have a professional appearance that would reflect on Kubota as a brand.

Lastly, it was crucial that there be a good culture match between Kubota Canada and their potential partner. Both Kubota Canada and Cellutrak highly value family, which made them a perfect fit.

Joachimstaler recommends Cellutrak GPS fleet tracking “without hesitation” to any other business or Kubota dealer looking for similar efficiency in their operations. For your Kubota equipment, Cellutrak has the best solutions.

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