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Cellutrak’s GPS Tracking Solution Assists in the Successful Location of a Stolen Kubota SVL65

A Kubota SVL65 loader valued at $75,000 was stolen in Texas and recovered in Mexico. The Cellutrak GPS tracking system installed on the vehicle enabled it to be successfully located, despite the thieves cutting the wires to the system’s battery.

January 2022 -- On January 2nd, 2022, at 12:40 am, Cellutrak’s 24/7 theft hotline received a call, reporting the theft of a Cellutrak equipped vehicle, a Kubota SVL65, from Carrollton, Texas. The owner received a leaving zone alert generated from the Cellutrak systems, indicating that the Kubota was leaving a pre-specified area.

The technicians manning the theft line were able to use the Cellutrak device’s technology to pinpoint the location of the stolen vehicle. While the thieves had snipped the wires to the Cellutak unit, the technicians were able to locate it using the backup battery power supply. The police weren’t able to act until the morning, as the recovery of the vehicle had to be handed over to the Mexican police to deal with. The Mexican police were initily unwilling to proceed further with vehicle recovery, as the location of the vehicle (as identified by Cellutrak) was on private land.

Cellutrak kept in touch with the customer via text, to do what they could to ensure the police had the information needed to successfully recover the Kubota loader. Within 9 hours of the theft, the support team at Cellutrak received a call from a police officer. During the call, Cellutrak was able to give the police officer the suspected location of the vehicle. 2 hours later, the Cellutrak support team received another call from the police officer. This time to tell the team that the Kubota had been successfully recovered - the police had contacted the owner of the land and were given access to the stolen loader. Subsequently, the loader was returned to its owner. It is, unfortunately, a common trend for dealerships and customers with locations close to the Mexican border to become victims of theft. It is essential to protect all assets with devices that have worldwide capabilities, like Cellutrak.

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