Best Cellutrak Features According to Franklin Kubota Dealership Rep in Tennessee

“Theft prevention, user-friendly interface, and great customer support” – these are the primary reasons that Franklin Kubota uses Cellutrak solutions, as stated by a representative in a recent interview.

Watch the full video to know more about why Franklin Kubota in Tennessee chose Cellutrak as its partner in improving its business.


Cellutrak is a GPS tracking and fleet management system that helps managers monitor their fleet vehicles around the clock. The Kubota Dealership uses Cellutrak’s GPS fleet tracking to manage their own fleet, and they’re seeing great results.

In the interview, the Kubota  Dealership representative said they primarily chose Cellutrak for its theft prevention features, user-friendly interface, and excellent 24/7 customer support. Cellutrak’s system is active at all hours and sends alerts if equipment moves outside its designated GEO zone.

Moreover, they appreciate how easy it is to use Cellutrak solutions. It’s simple and quick to check on their fleet’s conditions and locations through the mobile app. 

The Cellutrak GPS fleet management systems have also saved the Kubota Dealership time and money by maximizing the efficiency of their own logistics. There’s no more time wasted searching for lost or stolen equipment. And since the system is online 24/7, Kubota can access it whenever it is needed.

Indeed, Cellutrak provides its partners with powerful tools that can help manage individual vehicles and large fleets. The Franklin Kubota Dealer representative felt very impressed with the features and accessibility of the system and praised the mobile app for its ease of use.

For a Kubota dealer or fleet manager, they highly recommend giving Cellutrak a try.

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