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How Does Stolen Vehicle Recovery Work at Cellutrak

When a person gets lost in a new city, they always can rely on their smartphone's GPS tracker to find out how to get to their intended destination. That's because their phone is constantly sending out a signal that can be traced anywhere in the world. 

An anti-theft GPS tracker uses the same technology to recover stolen vehicles by tracking down their exact location. Your tracker should have wide network coverage, provide live tracking, and notify users of strange behavior. 

Here's why you need an anti-theft GPS tracker for your car and how it works.

The Importance of an Anti-Theft GPS Tracker for a Car

GPS trackers for cars aren’t subject to just personal use, a vehicle anti-theft GPS tracker is an essential part of maintaining and running your fleet. It can help fleet managers oversee everything that happens with their drivers, from vehicle speed to any deviations in their route. You can use it to increase fleet optimization and overall productivity through data analysis. 

Most importantly, it's the best way to keep your vehicles and drivers safe from harm.

Regulatory Compliance

Fleet compliance is a continuous process that you'll always need to stay on top of. What it encompasses changes constantly with new regulatory requirements and business needs. 

For example, HOS regulations state that property-carrying drivers may only drive a maximum of 11 hours after being off-duty for a set amount of time. Some of the different types of fleet compliance include HOS compliance, Driver-Vehicle Inspection Reports, and pre-employment checks.

Utilizing theft protection can help generate information on your fleet's operations, which are then inputted into IFTA reporting forms. Simply owning anti-theft GPS solutions may also be a requirement depending on your business. 

Driver Safety

A vehicle anti-theft GPS tracker does more than monitor a driver's routine. It can also help keep them safe. You can use the tracker to monitor driver behavior, provide quick emergency resources, and ensure that their vehicle is operating as intended.

If a vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, you'll know exactly where it is and can send the coordinates to your local emergency services. It'll also come in handy if the driver suffers some kind of health emergency and needs assistance.

Vehicle and Asset Security

Motor vehicle theft continues to be a serious problem despite innovations made in vehicle security. Smart keys make it easy for drivers to turn their cars on and off, but they're also easy to hack into and duplicate. According to, a car is stolen every 48 minutes in Ontario alone. These thefts cost insurance companies $542 million in 2021. 

One of the best ways to keep your fleet safe is through preventative measures. Although anti-theft GPS solutions are only one form of theft protection, it proves the most efficient.

Vehicle and asset recovery is also made much simpler with various features that come with an anti-theft GPS tracker. Automatic alerts can let you know when a fleet vehicle leaves a pre-assigned route. You can then track down its exact location and even disable the engine remotely. 

How It Works

Our GPS tracking solution is crafted to fit your needs. Some of our core features include real-time GPS tracking, remote engine disable, and automatic alerts. 

Real-time information about your fleet is available through web-based software or our mobile application. You can use the remote disable to lock down a vehicle that you believe has been stolen. Automatic alerts can help monitor vehicle movement at any time, as well as provide low battery alerts. 

In the case of theft, our experts are available 24/7 to assist you and the authorities. Our staff is trained to provide detailed information and help get all the warrants needed to pursue the stolen vehicles. 

Cellutrak GPS is hard wired into your vehicles, making it the most secure option. 

Fleet Management Best Practices

Proper fleet management helps improve every aspect of operating your business. It increases productivity, protects your various assets, and improves customer service. Using GPS solutions helps by providing a more in-depth look at all of your operations.

An asset management plan should be utilized to open up a dialogue with your key stakeholders. Anti-theft GPS shows that you're protecting your assets and taking necessary precautions. You can also use the data it provides to gain a full understanding of service and maintenance costs.

Ensure that all of your drivers are trained in using the GPS software on their phones. 

Recovering Stolen Vehicles Made Easy

Your company can do everything right to prevent thefts, sometimes it's unavoidable. An anti-theft GPS tracker can provide another tool to help recover stolen vehicles. 

Cellutrak provides GPS solutions for asset tracking, fleet behaviour analysis, theft prevention, and more. Contact us today to learn how we can help you and request a live demo to try us out. 


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