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Montreal car lender repossesses two Lamborghinis

Cellutrak’s GPS tracking system provides real time locations that eliminates the risk of doing business with sub prime customers. Luxury vehicles are high valued assets with price tags ranging from $50,000+. To safely lease these types of vehicles, a GPS tracking device can ensure that a leasing company has the necessary tools in hand to reduce their exposure to a total loss.

Leasing companies face the challenges of collections, repossessions, and thefts. That is why Cellutrak’s all-in-one solution provides the right tools to help with these events. Monitoring a specific car in a large fleet can easily be done with Cellutrak’s fleet management platform.

According to Global News, “Search Data suggests Canadians turning to expensive car title loans amid recession.” Due to the financial impact of Covid-19, car owners might use their vehicle to secure loans. If this trend is on the rise, leasing companies will need a system like Cellutrak to safely return their assets.

Cellutrak offers a unique GPS tracking solution with features that can help reduce vehicle owner’s risks. These features include real-time tracking, remote engine disable, real-time alerts, detailed reporting and more. The Cellutrak 24/7 customer service team is available to train customers on the easy to use mobile and web based application.

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