“One of the best on the market”: Cellutrak interviews VP and Commercial Director of Aubin & St. Pierre Inc.

Cellutrak interviewed Vice President Pierre Rathe and Commercial Director Diane Gagnon, from Aubin & St. Pierre Inc. – one of Quebec’s official Kubota dealerships. They have used Cellutrak’s GPS solutions since 2018.  Aubin & St. Pierre Inc. began their use of Cellutrak GPS tracking solutions in 2018. And ever since, the company has recommended Cellutrak’s technology for a variety of reasons, especially when it comes to meeting the needs of their clients.

Cellutrak and Aubin & St. Pierre

Cellutrak provides excellent customer service and a full range of solutions that meet even specific needs. Their GPS solutions can be used as a basic tracking system or offer a full suite of fleet management features to monitor and track snow removal equipment. Moreover, the GPS solutions can  send out alerts based on door sensors  or remotely disable stolen machines.

For VP Rathe, he recommends Cellutrak’s Kubota tracking solutions to other businesses in the industry for the same reasons he uses them himself – good customer service and a variety of options.

“We’ve been clients since 2018 and we’ve never had any problems,” he says. “Support has always been there for us.

Gagnon agrees, adding that she would recommend the product for its usefulness in managing their large fleet of machines. “It’s an excellent product – I think it’s one of the best on the market.”

Cellutrak Solutions for Kubota Machines

Cellutrak has developed several GPS solutions for Kubota machines to help business owners track their machines, monitor performance, and schedule maintenance. Some of the most popular Cellutrak technology for Kubota tractors include:

GPS tracking

This is an excellent way to track assets, whether you own just one Kubota machine or a whole fleet. With GPS tracking, you’ll always know the locations of your machines and how they’re being used. You can also use GPS tracking solutions to monitor machine performance and schedule maintenance.

Performance monitoring

This is another great way to keep track of your machines and ensure they’re running smoothly. Through performance monitoring, you can receive custom alerts whenever there’s an issue with one of your machines. 

Maintenance Scheduling

Cellutrak sells tracking solutions to both individuals and large companies, which both have specific needs. Maintenance scheduling is a must for any business that owns machinery. Using a maintenance schedule ensures that your machines are properly serviced and in good working condition. It can also help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

For example, using the tracker, you might receive a warning that a tractor has been used for 50 hours. If maintenance is scheduled for every 50 hours of use, the customer can contact Kubota, or Kubota and Cellutrak can monitor these alerts from their end.

Theft Prevention

If you own or operate a business that relies on fleet vehicles to get the job done, you’ll know the importance of theft prevention and tracking. Not only do you need to keep track of your vehicle’s location and actions, but you also need to contact them in case of emergency. And that’s where Cellutrak comes in.

The Cellutrak real-time vehicle tracking system keeps you connected to your fleet at all times. You’ll know when a vehicle arrives at or leaves a designated zone, when it is towed, or when its battery is low. Additionally, you can remotely disable the engine for any reason – preventing it from being stolen.

Tracking solutions by Cellutrak

If you’re looking for GPS tracking for equipment rental companies – specifically for Kubota machines – look no further than Cellutrak. With these solutions, you can monitor assets, receive alerts, and schedule maintenance accordingly. Cellutrak is the best Kubota GPS tracker on the market since it adapts to a variety of modifications depending on dealership and customer needs. Cellutrak is also easy to sell as an add-on or part of general specs for Kubota equipment.

Cellutrak offers GPS tracking solutions – but beyond that, they also provide live vehicle tracking, geofencing alerts, idling alerts, route management, and much more. No matter what your machines need, Cellutrak has a solution.

Aubin & St. Pierre Inc. strongly recommend Cellutrak solutions for one simple reason: they deliver!

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