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Cellutrak and Kubota's first joint theft recovery in the USA

Early in August, a Kubota RTV1140, valued at $15,000 was stolen in Oklahoma.

A local Kubota dealership, Great Plains Kubota rented out an RTV1140 to a construction company. This machine was scheduled to be picked up by the dealer from the customer's job site. The customer contacted the dealer to inquire about when the machine would be returned. The dealer called their delivery driver to provide answers, when to their surprise their driver had not picked up the machine because they could not find it on the job site. The dealer quickly called the customer to inform them of the situation. The bright orange machine was nowhere to be seen, and the customer began to panic.

This Kubota dealership joined the Cellutrak-Kubota program in July and had Cellutrak's GPS tracking system installed on their fleet of machines. The owner of the Kubota dealership quickly pulled out his smart phone and used Cellutrak's free mobile app to track the machine. He switched the app to satellite view to get a better picture of the area. The system displayed the machine in a forested area approximately 100 yards from the job site. Following the pinpoint into the forest was a hidden Kubota RTV1140 covered by branches. Had it not been for the system, they would not have been able to find the machine in the secluded area.

To read the full theft story, please click here.

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