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Cellutrak Successfully Locates and Recovers a Kubota Machine Valued at $80,000 in the USA

A general contractor in Houston, Texas had a Kubota SVL75 stolen from a construction site. On March 24th, this local contractor's team arrived.... for full story click the link.

On March 24th, this local contractor's team arrived at a job site in Houston, ready to continue their job using the Kubota machine. Upon arrival, the Kubota machine was nowhere in sight. This intuitive contractor remembered that the Kubota dealership, Lansdowne-Moody offered him a telematics system including theft prevention to help him keep an eye on his machine. He quickly called the Cellutrak 24/7 customer service department and Cellutrak was able to locate the Kubota machine in real-time. The machine was hidden in a forested area behind a fence. The machine was returned within 2 hours.

After the machine recovery, Cellutrak followed-up with this general contractor to ensure the process went smoothly, and he confirmed that he was very happy with the service and speediness of the process. A big thank you to the Kubota dealer, Lansdowne-Moody for offering the Cellutrak solution that provides telematics in several forms including and not limited to advanced reporting, real-time GPS tracking, and theft prevention.


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