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Cellutrak recovers over $200,000 worth of heavy machinery and a trailer in Houston, Texas

A Gooseneck trailer carrying a Kubota SVL95 and a Caterpillar 303.5E2 was stolen from a contractor's job site in Houston, Texas on Saturday night at 11:51 PM.... Click the link for the full story.

A contractor with multiple job sites was targeted in a theft heist late Saturday night. The contractor had installed Cellutrak’s anti-theft and GPS tracking devices on their entire fleet of heavy machinery. The trailer was an easy target as it had both the Kubota and Caterpillar machines mounted on top of it, which created a perfect opportunity for the crook.

As the thief left the job site driving the trailer, Cellutrak’s GPS tracking devices sent out two alerts, one that the machines were being towed and one that the machines had left the job site. What is interesting about this theft is that neither the Kubota nor the Caterpillar’s ignitions were engaged. This demonstrates Cellutrak’s multi-layered anti-theft approach. These real-time alerts notified the contractor that something was wrong. The contractor immediately opened their Cellutrak smart phone application and located the machine’s movements in real-time. The final destination was recorded and shared with the police who recovered all three vehicles. As of June 18th, 2017 at 4:33 PM the vehicles were safely returned to their job site and available for operation.


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