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Protect Your Family with Autoguard

With winter come the joys of the holiday and the fun family gatherings. Unfortunately, winter also brings wintery road conditions that make driving more dangerous. On average, there are over 7,500 vehicular accidents due to winter weather conditions. For example, slush was present in approximately 3,500 accidents, and heavy snow was falling in about 1,500 accidents ( Cellutrak Canada offers the Autoguard solution to protect your vehicle and monitor your family's safety while on the road. This unique telematics system allows users to quickly and easily track their vehicle on their smartphone, as well as the vehicles' of their family members. Customers have the choice between three packages: basic, advanced, or family. Each package includes theft prevention and the ability to track your vehicle in real-time. The advanced and family packages have additional features such as geozones and speed reports. Cellutrak and CAA-Quebec have collaborated to create a unique offer for their members. As a CAA-Quebec member, you are eligible for up to a 30% cost reduction on the Cellutrak Autoguard plans. Feel safe this winter with Cellutrak installed in your vehicle.

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