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$500,000 worth of vehicles recovered within 24 hours

500,000 reasons why all Kubota machines should be outfitted with a Cellutrak GPS

To close out the Thanksgiving long weekend, on October 8th, 2018 at 9:52 PM, 9 vehicles were stolen in Mirabel. 5 Kubota machines valued at $375,000, 3 trailers, and 1 truck all stolen from a local excavation company in Mirabel. These vehicles were transported from the excavation company’s head office about 18 KM away to a secluded area in Ste-Sophie, Québec. The excavation company realized the machines were stolen on October 9th first thing in the morning. Luckily for this excavation company, the vehicles belonging to Centre Kubota des Laurentides was outfitted with a Cellutrak for theft prevention and inventory management.

Cellutrak’s customer service department was able to provide the City of Mirabel’s Police Department with a complete snapshot of what had occurred and the real-time location of that vehicle every 15 minutes. This information was crucial to obtaining a warrant and securing the vehicles less than 24 hours after the theft occurred. In forested areas where there are no roads, the system’s capabilities provide a satellite image to better assist police in retrieval. Not only were the 9 vehicles recuperated, but there were 2 arrests made and the investigation is ongoing. The machines were returned to the dealership and the excavation company by Oct. 9th in the evening. The general manager at Centre Kubota des Laurentides was certainly satisfied with the Cellutrak service, as seen by the results above.

The power of the Cellutrak device was able to lead police directly to the crime scene and recover not just the protected Kubota machine, but the 8 other stolen vehicles. The insurance deductible savings alone more than justify the price of a Cellutrak device. See the French article for more info.

To read the full theft story, please click here.

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