Cellutrak: A Solution for All Zimmerer Kubota Needs

For over three years now, Zimmerer Kubota has been using Cellutrak’s GPS tracking solutions for their vehicle and equipment. Before finding Cellutrak, they were using a GPS system that didn’t entirely fit their needs as a rental company. Zimmerer Kubota needed a system that would allow them to track their units in real-time without any lag, that was specifically designed for Kubota products.


Cellutrak and Kubota

In 2014, Cellutrak and Kubota developed a program to address current and future needs of Kubota dealers and customers.  The engineers at Cellutrak thoroughly understand Kubota products and can meet the needs of these vehicles quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Jason Gentry, Zimmerer Kubota’s rental manager, recommends Cellutrak to other Kubota dealerships since they have fantastic technical solutions – and they’re simply a “great group of people.” Cellutrak’s customer service sets it apart since they’re always available to answer questions and help troubleshoot any problems. And because they understand Kubota products so well, they’re quick to find a solution.

How Cellutrak Works for Kubota

Cellutrak’s software works on different platforms, allowing managers at Zimmerer Kubota to control their rental units’ timing, schedule, location, condition, and more. They can easily monitor their products and ensure the rental process is as efficient as possible.

In addition to the software solution, Cellutrak also offers hardware that can be installed on any rental unit such as Kubota tractors. This allows Gentry and his team to track the units in real-time, with alerts if anything notable happens.

For those who manage a Kubota dealership, Gentry points out how crucial it is to keep track of your rental units. And with so many units out on rent at any given time, it can be difficult to monitor all of them – which is where Cellutrak can help. Their Kubota tracking solutions are specifically designed for Kubota machines, tractors, and assets, with both hardware and software to meet their needs.

If you’re looking for a GPS tracking solution as a Kubota dealer, Gentry recommends Cellutrak. Their complete solutions will increase your efficiency and ensure your rental process runs smoothly.

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