Cellutrak Streamlines Creel Tractor Company’s Operations

A few years ago, Brian Creel from Creel Tractor Company met with Cellutrak representatives at the National Dealer Meeting (NDM) for Kubota. And after the introduction, it was obvious that Cellutrak met his criteria for an all-in-one GPS fleet tracking solution.

The result was the start of a great working relationship between Cellutrak and Creel Tractor Company, with Creel using Cellutrak’s GPS tracking solutions to monitor their equipment.


Cellutrak and Creel Tractor Company

Creel has made effective use of Cellutrak’s fleet management and telematics. “[We use them to] track all of our construction, agricultural, and now landscaping equipment,” says Brian. This helps managers track their rental fleet location, check equipment condition, and even remotely disable machinery if necessary.

“Cellutrak’s GPS solutions are accurate and reliable, and their support team is available 24/7,” Brian added. This means Creel has up-to-date and precise information about their equipment in real-time, with the support needed for any issues that arise. 

The Best GPS Tracking Solutions

One major perk of using Cellutrak’s GPS solutions is their support team, which is available 24/7 and can address any questions that users might have. The learning process is also straightforward and convenient for all members of the Creel Tractor Company team.

Cellutrak’s Kubota GPS tracking solutions allows Creel to locate all machines and assets with an accuracy of ±10 feet. This is in addition to Cellutrak’s adaptive software, which can be installed on mobile phones and desktops. Combined, these factors make Cellutrak’s GPS fleet tracking solutions a crucial business asset.

One other highlight feature is the remote engine enable/disable feature – when a machine is finished a job for the day the engine can be disabled to lock down the machine. This prevents unauthorized use and protects the owner’s investment. Before the next job begins, the engine can easily be enabled to allow the machine to be taken where it needs to go.

Brian recommends Cellutrak solutions not only to all Kubota dealers, but also to individual customers who operate their own Kubota tractors and heavy equipment. Learning how to use Cellutrak products is simple due to the free live demo, where you can watch any GPS tracking solution in action.

Cellutrak GPS Tracking for Fleet Management

Using Cellutrak’s GPS tracking solutions has helped Creel Tractor Company successfully manage their fleet by allowing them to track locations, check equipment conditions, and remotely disable vehicles if necessary. The availability of the support team has also helped train new users and address issues that arise. Additionally, the user-friendly interface has made it simple for new users to learn without much trouble.

All these factors have combined to make using Cellutrak an overall success for Creel’s fleet management.

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