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Montreal Leasing company installs Cellutrak’s GPS tracking technology as car thefts increase, allowing for a speedy recovery of their stolen GMC Denali from a transport container in Baie D’urfe, Quebec.

The 2022 GMC Denali was valued at $100,000. 

June 2023 -- Early on a Monday Morning around 3:30 AM a GMC Denali was stolen from an individual's driveway in Rosemere, Quebec. The car was undetectable for two days, and as soon as it moved, Cellutrak was able to reconnect to the GPS tracking device to provide it’s location to the vehicle owner and police. Police were able to recuperate the GMC on the spot and have it returned to the rightful owner. Allegedly, the police were able to recover 15 other vehicles that were being loaded in a trailer to be transported to Toronto. Allegedly, several arrests were made and the investigation is on-going.  

Cellutrak’s GPS tracking solution for cars includes a combination of real time data, alerts and 24/7 theft support team available around the clock to ensure vehicles are tracked and returned.

Read the press release here.

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