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Cellutrak saves the day with the recovery of 6 Kubota machines

Cellutrak, in a joint effort with the Ontario Police Officers (OPP) and the Hamilton Police, foil an Ontario theft of Six Kubota Machines with a retail value in excess of $200,000.

Six Kubota machines, recently stolen from a Kubota dealership in Erin, Ontario, were successfully recovered and returned to the dealer, all within one week. This was made possible thanks to Kubota Canada’s recent partnership with Cellutrak Canada, whose GPS theft prevention, telematics & real-time tracking solution, CONTROL™, played a key role in this success story. Having experienced theft in the past, the first certified Cellutrak Kubota dealership in Ontario had the foresight to join the program and equip their Kubota machines with Cellutrak CONTROL™ units. Cellutrak’s GPS theft prevention software enabled the Kubota dealer to track the units in real-time from the moment they were stolen until the police seized and returned them to the dealership.
From theft to recovery, the Cellutrak 24/7 Control Center monitored and reported the incident to the police, which spanned over a 200 kilometer trail. Within 24 hours, the police were able to obtain a search warrant, a feat not possible without Cellutrak’s detailed reports and active collaboration. A week later, the vehicles were returned safely to the Kubota dealer, effectively saving all parties involved significant time and money.

Heavy machinery crime is on the rise, especially in the GTA. According to an article published on, “Big Market for Stolen Heavy Equipment,” machinery without a sophisticated GPS tracking system installed has an approx. 5% recovery rate. In an industry where insurance companies raise premiums based on thefts, the resulting costs can become unmanageably high. Kubota Canada Ltd. understands this firsthand and, strategically partnered with Cellutrak in an effort to cut costs, increase efficiency and reduce risk for Kubota machinery owners.

Speak to your Kubota dealer today to sign up or learn more about CONTROL™ as well as Cellutrak’s other consumer and commercial GPS solutions.

To read the full theft story, please click here.

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